Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey Gente [Hey Everybody],

We are having some interesting experiences here in Mussrunga. The interesting thing is, when things aren't going well, you need to make changes. I am so grateful for the chance to work and figure what works . . . and what doesn't. I discovered this week what it means to lose yourself; it doesn't mean to deny that you have needs or that you're a child of God, but you lose the desire to fulfill your own purposes, to gain your own glory.

We have been studying and discussing and yet - our results have been minimal. So, what we've learned this far is: First) Be yourself, love yourself, and let yourself live a little; Second) Seek out your leaders - look for someone who has the power to receive guidance with you/on your behalf; Third) Make a change.

There are so many marvelous people that we have desires to teach, but if people don't want to change, there is so little we can do. We are teaching Juliete, Aline, Suzana, Mabel - incredible women who have desires to do good and know what's right, but the world GETS IN THE WAY! But we're not getting frustrated. It'll work out. I know that there is a plan, and the Lord is planning lessons for our learning here on the earth.

I love you all,
A marvelous week,

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

[In response to a comment about the newly announced Mission President - Marcelo Andrezzo - for Sister Cornwall's mission come June this year, Sister Cornwall responded:]

  • I already know! I've seen his picture, and what́s more - I know his son! He went home from the Mission Brazil Salvador Sul [South] in January as assistant. We are all buzzing with excitement.
[Some additional "p.s." comments from Sister Cornwall in her email this week:]
  • I really don't think I will buy [a camera] because I take my sd card when we're going to take photos and put it in another person's camera. Everything will be well documented, also I'm sending photos I printed out. Sister Ferreira's camera isn't working with the computers here to send pictures via email. Also, Brazilian cameras aren't that good. Anyway.... don't worry, you'll be able to see it all.
  • Thanks for the MTC research [regarding working there post mission]. and for being prepared for the madness before school starts. I know I can trust in you to work a few things out. You know how much I like to plan ahead, and I am using self control to not concern myself with the things that need to get done. I have WAY too much work to do here to worry about those things. So I will just trust 100% in your abilities.
  • No change this transfer. We are going to figure this whole business out. Our results have been . . . not great. I have had a grand change personally, but that's not fair to leave out those we are teaching. We need some MAJOR guidance, and I need to let the Lord do His work here
  • Sorry my family letter is getting smaller and smaller. I'll try and beef it up a little.
  • I love you ... Thanks dad for your letter about Romans 8:28 - I've already used it a few times in lessons. They are things that this little Sister needs to hear.
  • Also, our family is the cutest. I am going to have to fly to Boston to see Bennett . . . and Emary. They are . . . delightful.

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