Monday, March 12, 2012

Goodness gracious what a week it was. After some rough moments last week, we had blessings poured out on us. At the beginning of the week things were still a little rough, so we decided to stop and pay attention to how we were feeling, chose an area completely different than we'd planned, and wow- met some incredible people. Who knew there were people that want to follow Jesus Christ without us having to wring their arm? We met so many people that sincerely have a desire to make a difference. We had members that helped us out, we were talking to people and letting ourselves be oriented by the Holy Ghost. It was nice to finally feel that the work that the Lord wants done . . . is getting done in Mussurunga.

Also, I gave a talk on Sunday. About Love thy Neighbor. You want to know how I started it? By saying that something very, very exciting happened in my family three weeks ago . . . my third little niece was born. I talked about how immediately I fell in love with that tiny little baby and how because we're from the same family I became so enamored with her. We are in the same family as every other human being here on the earth. We need to love them with all our heart, might, mind and strength. I shared a few quotes from President Monson's talk on Charity Never Faileth from 2010. The point ended up being that if we really want to show love for our neighbor, we have to share this message of the gospel. It is the most merciful act we could ever perform for our fellow brothers and sisters here on the earth. I was so full of joy yesterday as I spoke - we had Elizabete (30s, with a 5 month old Wallace) and André (12, her nephew) that went to church and Vittória (13, sister of a member). It was such a happy thing to see everyone together doing the right thing. It really is a happiness and a fullness that I never experienced before. I know that sacrifice is something very important in our lives. We can do difficult things and leave behind things that really don't matter as much as simply doing what's right.

Yesterday we also went to visit Jocelho and Emília. We started talking about the part where Joseph Smith sees God the Father and Jesus Christ . . . and their son woke up crying. We started again and the phone rang. We started to teach again and the neighbor turned on the music very loud, and someone doing construction turned on some machine, and the kids in the street started screaming. Yup. And when we'd finally gotten through, Jocelho said he'd been waiting since 2010 for this message, for the Book of Mormon. It was only the first visit, but I know that the Lord is preparing everything. We'd met Emília first - walking on opposite sides of the street we waved and she gave us this friendly look. We kept walking and realized we needed to turn back, and when we did so, she was looking back at us. Something had told her to turn around.

I know that Pai Celestial and Jesus Cristo are guiding everything that happens. We just have to look a little harder, and pay a little more attention to what are heart is being told . . . and then act. I know this work is real. I love it. I am excited to keep working.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

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