Monday, March 19, 2012

I feel like this anniversário sort of came and went without too much ado . . . which was probably better. We had a conference on Friday so I got to wish "happy birthday" to a couple other missionaries. But I decided it would probably be a good idea to do a little reflection on this little year mark.

I started out with the title "Top 10 Lessons Learned in 1 Year na Missão" - but it ended up being more, oh well.

1. Obedience is what qualifies us and gives u power from Pai Celestial.
2. Happiness is Always within our grasp. We just have to choose to have it.
3. I talk(ed) too much. But there is more peace in silence and waiting and listening.
4. Our mistakes are not setbacks, but stepping stones to being better.
5. WE ARE NOT PERFECT. Thank goodness, and that's why we have a Savior.
6. We have a Savior- Jesus Christ. He qualified Himself to provide us with the oportunidade to go back to our Father. He is good and merciful and wants to help us and take away ALL our burdens and sadness and obstacles. And the ONLY way to make it through this life - is to give Him EVERYTHING - our weaknesses, pains, suffering. And all will be well.
7. The Plan is perfect - live it and be happy, or don't, and waste your time.
8. Honestly, it's not just about me, it's not just about the people, it's about doing the will of our Father, and everything will be taken care of.
9. The Holy Spirit is the greatest gift we can have in our life. It brings me peace and helps me see more clearly and it gives a confirmation that there's nothing in the way - that I'm doing what's right and good.
10. The most generous people I have met are those that seemingly have the least to give (And did you know that love really does make food taste better? Seriously. After eating rice and beans every day for -almost- a year pretty much makes me an expert.)
11. Love is all you need (thanks Paul, John, Ringo and George) but really - it casts out all fear, and never fails, and is pure and powerful.
12. Sometimes you can't see. Sometimes fé [faith, belief] is the ONLY light in your life (which is kinda rough for this girl who likes so much to SEE it all happen - like to have certainty.) But you just press forward trusting that Someon up above will arrange your diligent efforts into something sincerely worthwhile. (I certainly hope so.)
13. We need to give our perfections some space so we can let mercy and grace in.
14. We are who we are. I am not a different person when I wear my plaqueta [name tag] than when I don't. I am still this silly girl who is passionate about some things and unsinkable in a few of her resolves. But at this point I am much more capable of letting some of my less-lovely attributes be changed. If we open up our hearts to allow our Father in Heaven work a change, we can be the best possible version of ourselves - independent of our calling.

So there's that. It has been very strange to think that so much has happened, so much time has passed, so much has changed . . . and yet it seems like such a simple thing that just flitted by. Very strange. But I am so happy that I am here. That I am a representative of a blessed, perfect organization for IMperfect people. Have you been here yet? GO! I can't believe conference is here again. What a privilege.

We had a good week. We settled a few issues and decided that nothing (including little personal issues) will set us back from doing everything we can in the best form possible. What privilege this last year has been (a year! I know right?) Anyway, I hope that all your darlings had a great year too.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

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