Friday, August 17, 2012


Sister Cornwall arrives at LAX this morning.
She was greeted by her Dad and Mom, Grandpa C. and Sarah,
Katie and Dallin, Elizabeth, Daniel and Seth.

Monday, August 13, 2012


This past week was a correria [foray, race, gallop, hurry, tumble], we were truly just running around, showing the area to Sister Petersen, buying things, visiting less actives, packing bags, cleaning the house - we lost two days of departure preparation, so it was pretty rushed. But we made it to Salvador [to know why Sister C. was in Salvador see p.s.] (we almost had to leave Sister Lima behind because she forgot her ID, but we're here) and now it's just a few little days here in the beloved Bahia. I love this place. It truly has become terra sagrada [sacred land] for me. Jequié was so special because of all the miracles that have happened. It was a little shocking to come back to Salvador, say goodbye to Sister Lima (until tomorrow morning), and be in the big city again. I feel so grateful for how peaceful Jequié was, just a glorious dedicated time. So nice.
And last night was so good. We had planned a surprise honorary festa for Sister and Elder morgan (music, flowers, a video slideshow) but those sneaky members of the Jequié branch did a total switch-up, and surprised me and Sister Lima with presents, and letters, and a cake, and music, and such. Goodness gracious, I have never felt so grateful. What they have done was already enough (aka - letting the gospel of Jesus Christ make them into better people and such, that is the true happiness of a missionária) but then they went and made us all cry. Patrícia was the worst. Even in the first meeting at church yesterday morning, she was all teary. Even João Pedro started to cry last night. Sister Lima and I really served Jequié with ALL our heart, might, mind and strength. And Jequié felt it, and returned the favor.

Sister Cornwall is playing the organ in this photo. (From the Morgan's blog)

This week will just be taking care of a few final things, and then we go. I am so grateful to have been able to serve my Redeemer. It was so sacred. I am a different person. I know the gospel of Jesus Cristo works, it transforms us and brings a greater peace and happiness than we are capable of imagining.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

p.s. Well, here we are, the end, mom. I do feel so blessed. This past week was pretty brilliant. I've never loved two women more in my life [Sister Lima and Sister Petersen]. We hardly slept because we were chatting, and having sleepovers, and pushing the beds together. . . it was really, really nice. I'm actually in Salvador right now because I had to renew my visa. Sister Lima and Sister Pete all came, and we have a few days to kind of, just spend time in Salvador.

[Upon my return to home] I think my only priorities are temple, and eating salads. My digestive system could use some normalizing - so just good delicious healthy food - you know me, I haven't changed that much....

... Oh, the gospel brings so much happiness. It is incredible. I love you both so much. Love, Rach

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What a great week it was.

We found so many marvelous people. Unfortunately, only one of them went to church. Alana. We met her in the grocery store when she asked us where the matches are, when she asked - I remembered that we also needed matches. Anyway, she's fifteen and has a great desire to follow Jesus Christ.

But quite frankly, the greatest miracle was not even with our investigators, it was in our companionship. We got a call this week telling us there would be an emergency transfer. Sister Lima and I are still in Jequié, but you will never guess who is here with us; go ahead, take a shot. You won't believe me even when I tell you. What happened was that one Sister went home, and that left this Sister the chance to come to Jequié, to get to know the area, and take care of it when Sister Lima and I leave. Oh, are you still wanting to know who it is - Sister E. Petersen. I know, I know. there is no way that I should be her companion three separate times within a year and a half . . . you don't know how my dreams have come true. I never thought I could have two companions that are so incredible, nor that I could love them so much. We have already had some amazing conversations, and we feel so blessed to be able to work together and have miracles happen.
We talked a lot about how God is a god of justice. I studied about obedience this week, and how truly, when we allow ourselves the opportunity to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will obey because we understand that commandments are given so that we can progress. When we do the "right" thing, the blessings will come, without a doubt. That is an incredible idea. We can trust in God's promises, because they're even bigger than He is, He has to abide by them or He would cease to be God. He is so intelligent (alright, He's perfect) but the more amazing thing, is that we can arrive close to where He is. I am dying to go back to the House of the Lord and feel the light and truth and spirit complete me.

This gospel is miraculous, this is the truth. Jesus Christ is literally the light and life of the world.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

For the follower of Sister Cornwall who may be interested - The Morgan's blog post this week describes some interesting details about life in Jequie, Bahia. Click Here.