Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What a great week it was.

We found so many marvelous people. Unfortunately, only one of them went to church. Alana. We met her in the grocery store when she asked us where the matches are, when she asked - I remembered that we also needed matches. Anyway, she's fifteen and has a great desire to follow Jesus Christ.

But quite frankly, the greatest miracle was not even with our investigators, it was in our companionship. We got a call this week telling us there would be an emergency transfer. Sister Lima and I are still in Jequié, but you will never guess who is here with us; go ahead, take a shot. You won't believe me even when I tell you. What happened was that one Sister went home, and that left this Sister the chance to come to Jequié, to get to know the area, and take care of it when Sister Lima and I leave. Oh, are you still wanting to know who it is - Sister E. Petersen. I know, I know. there is no way that I should be her companion three separate times within a year and a half . . . you don't know how my dreams have come true. I never thought I could have two companions that are so incredible, nor that I could love them so much. We have already had some amazing conversations, and we feel so blessed to be able to work together and have miracles happen.
We talked a lot about how God is a god of justice. I studied about obedience this week, and how truly, when we allow ourselves the opportunity to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will obey because we understand that commandments are given so that we can progress. When we do the "right" thing, the blessings will come, without a doubt. That is an incredible idea. We can trust in God's promises, because they're even bigger than He is, He has to abide by them or He would cease to be God. He is so intelligent (alright, He's perfect) but the more amazing thing, is that we can arrive close to where He is. I am dying to go back to the House of the Lord and feel the light and truth and spirit complete me.

This gospel is miraculous, this is the truth. Jesus Christ is literally the light and life of the world.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

For the follower of Sister Cornwall who may be interested - The Morgan's blog post this week describes some interesting details about life in Jequie, Bahia. Click Here.

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