Monday, July 30, 2012

The Lord certainly knows how to take advantage of the last three weeks of one's mission. This week we felt like we had traipsed through the desert, without really understanding why (literally . . . our toes and sandals are just . . . shameful because the area where we were working is just dirt roads.) But Karla was baptized!!! (I think Sister Morgan'll post photos.[See more photos and storyline by clicking HERE.]) She really was a miracle . . . there was not a single hitch in the whole teaching process. She has an incredible love of God. She's 17 and has a great calm about her. We were just so grateful, so grateful for this blessing.

There were two other baptisms - Jequié is experiencing miracles. Truly. We found some incredible people this week. The Lord uses such subtle inspirations so that those he is mindful of are found. While we were walking on the street, I had the strong impression to call a man that has already been taught, but never ended up getting baptized, while we were marking a day to visit, we asked him where he lives, and we were on that very street! We met up with him before he went out of town for the rest of the week. We feel so incredibly blessed and so GRATEFUL to be here together, to be working, to see changes. It is a glorious thing.

I also ate blood this week. It's not all that tasty. Oh well.

We are starting to prepare ourselves for the transfer of all transfers, but I know the Lord has arranged everything so perfectly. He is so perfectly conscious of our life and our existence; we have the capacity to change, to be molded, to be humbled, to be perfected. I feel so free because of the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is certainly a message of mercy.

We started reading the Book of Mormon from page 1 this week, and what I am loving most is 1 Nefi 1:20 - the tender mercies of the Lord, for those that were chosen because of their faith, will receive the power of libertação (liberty? liberation?) I feel that completely. I love this.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

The following note is from Sister Cornwall's companion, Sister Lima.

It's true that Sister Cornwall and I are friends and that that is a blessing that I can't describe. She is a very special woman. She has an extraordinary love for the Lord and for all. She is a great missionary, she is able to reach - or rather - touch the hearts, provoke, or stimulate, that is truly incredible and admirable. She has such a sweet spirit such that everyone - myself included - feels and desires to be better, because of her. She inspires me.

But she's also light, she's joyful, happy, and her joy is contagious.

It is marvelous to be at Sister Cornwall's side 24 hours a day, everyday. I love to be at her side on the street, but I love to return home. Our house is the the most lovely that I've ever seen and the most creative, and has the sweetest spirit.

I love Sister Cornwall

-Sister Lima

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