Monday, July 2, 2012

Whew this was one of the most exhausting, and certainly the most spiritual week of all of them. Sister Lima and I are just wasted from having so many incredible experiences.

First we had a Family Home Evening where we invited everyone to do one thing everyday to show love in their home - a little note, a little present - something. I really lucked out because Sister Lima is REALLY good at these kinds of things. We have written on the mirrors, the windows, the fridge, there are notes stuck everywhere, and ribbons and such scattered throughout the house. Beyond that, couples in the ward spent the week doing cute things, and there were a few glowing couples at Church on Sunday. So I'll invite everyone to do SOMETHING for someone else in your household until next Monday. You will love it.

So those activities brought a special spirit. We were both feeling a little frustrated on Wednesday because after a full day of looking for new people to teach - nothing. Then we said a prayer at home at 6h30 at night, asking for help, and found one family of 10 and another of 5. It was pretty amazing. We also had a Family Home Evening with a family in the ward where only the dad isn't a member. We watched a few videos from the Church's site, and the son who got home from a mission in Manaus bore testimony and hugged his dad and the rest of us just sobbed. It was really special.

Patricia and Cicero went to Church! They loved it and were so well greeted. I am so grateful for them and their faith.

One incredible lesson that I learned yesterday during sacrament meeting was that we are going to be tested, we are going to shake and lose our balance a little, but we can stick it. If we trust in the enabling grace of Jesus Christ, we won't fall. Our trials are to make us a little humbler, humble enough to ask for help, and then he will help and make all the difference. That is real freedom and joy and happiness. It's true.

love, love, love,
Sister Cornwall

View across the street from the church.
p.s. Photos are care-of this blog

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