Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm staying in Jequié! With Sister Lima! Miracles are real. We could not believe it when we got the call. We are incredibly excited to work and work and work some more.

This morning we were just talking and talking, and we realized that we are living Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon. Jequié is at a crucial point where it will either join with the neighboring stake (and lose a lot of independence) or it will grow and divide and become a district (and then a stake, and then a mission!) But this week was incredible. Last night was this glorious moment - the first productive branch counsel in a really long time. There's the 15 famílias program that was designed exactly to divide and last night we spent almost the entire evening just talking about people - everyone was working together and they were seeking out Divine guidance and the Spirit was so strong - it was marvelous. Going back to the part about Jacob 5, verses 49-51 talk about how the Lord of the vineyard is ready to rip things out and start all over, but the servant asks to spare it a little longer. And the Lord of the vineyard allows it - just a little longer. Sister Lima and I know that our work over the next 7 weeks will determine a lot of the future of Jequié. But we have been so blessed.

We met Patrícia and Cicero this week, a beautiful couple from Ceará with three little kids. They are really marvelous. We have been so so blessed, and we're excited to bring families into the "vineyard," if you will.

Also, I gave a talk at church (and we taught Gospel Principles, and sang in the choir, missionary life is the best.) I talked about how this past week I had a dream with Jeffrey R. Holland; we drove around a little bit and chatted etc. Cool. Then I woke up and decided that God probably wanted to tell me something. I decided to look for a talk by him, and found "Faith to Answer the Call" that talks about the faith of early pioneers that did so much and risked so much etc. His main invite was to create a reservoir of faith, reading, praying, studying, searching our soul, searching the heavens for a testimony that will be rock-ribbed, furnace-refined faith. It was really great.

We are thrilled to be here, and to do the Lord's will and invite His spirit to be ever stronger in our lives. (p.s. I am in love with Sister Lima, she is one of the most Christ-like people I know.)

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

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