Monday, June 11, 2012

Dear everyone!: 

Well, today is my last full day in Mussurunga, there's an emergency transfer (not on my end) and I'm going to Jequié! The hottest city in the mission! [No kidding! See the nick-name for Jequie] But it will be awesome. Sister Lima (a short term missionary) will be my companion. And it's a branch there, I think I've always wanted to work in a branch. I am pumped. The assistants actually called me last Wednesday, but we've got our final conference tomorrow morning, and if I'd gone last Thursday as was originally planned, I'd have missed it. So I go tomorrow afterwards. I'll bear my departing testimony because we won't have conferences my last transfer. Weird right?

This last week was a little funny with the quasi-transfer (i'm actually already packed, I've been living out of a suitcase since Thursday morning) and we also had the Manaus Brasil Temple dedication! [See LDS info page.] Saturday night we had several visitors/pesquisadores that watched the commemoration/celebration, which was really cute. It was interesting to see a representation of the culture of another Brazilian state; the states here are all so diverse, and Manaus is in the middle of the Amazon, [See map - note Sister Cornwall's mission is just below the Recife Temple on the east coast.] but there were TONS of people. Salvador will need to really work to have the dedication necessary to earn a temple here. But it was really entertaining, and I felt the spirit - even though there were some silly/slower moments. But the people of this church are so good. 

Sunday morning was divine. We didn't have Sacrament Meeting, just the first session of the three. Sister Smart and I went all chic because we didn't have to go pick up pesquisadores, and we were headed straight home afterwards. It was so special to be in such sacred circumstances; they were all people that I already knew, but there was certainly an added reverence. And Raymond went in a shirt and tie, which was special. I know that the Lord wants us to feel His peace, and the way that he can teach us about Godliness. I am grateful for the desire that I have to raise myself to the standard. I studied all about temples this week in the pre-dedication build-up. It is a special place. The Lord wants us to receive his doctrine through covenant. We are able to have a strength greater than our own force of will, and the temple is the only place holy enough for us to be able to get to a level of Godliness on this earth that we need in order to understand Him at a greater level. We need the power of God in this life. We need to understand better in order to be better. I like that. I MISS the temple. While we waited they passed footage outside and inside various temples . . . baaaahaaa, I was filled with an incredible . . .homesickness, is probably the best word. I know that on a mission we live a consecrated life, such that we can feel the spirit to a similar degree as to when we're in the temple . . . but sometimes that spirit doesn't include the calm, and the cleanliness, and the good smells, and such. The temple is real growth. It is what will make the biggest difference in our lives. We can make it there.

This will be quite an interesting week. It'll be quite an adventure. I am sad to leave my dear Salvador. I really love this city. A lot. But hey, there are people that are waiting there right?

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

Mom, that sounds like so much fun (your trip that is.) Our family is great, and I'm glad that it all worked out. each new member of the family is another little something that factors in. Interesting. I already have my itinerary. And although I'll probably be tired, I really do want to go to the temple SOON!

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