Saturday, June 9, 2012

Thanks mom. I was thinking about Jeff all day. All the contacts I did on the street, I managed to talk about him somehow. Even Presidente Vecchi sent congratulations (I'd written him in my letter.) Jeffrey is married. WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm so happy.
This week was really nice. Raymond [Bill Gates cousin] was baptized!!! It was really special. He got sick, his doctor told him he couldn't stop smoking all at once like that. But he was totally firme forte. It was a really nice day. His two daughters came to church on Sunday, and they seem really nice. He's a good guy. Bispo baptized him, and before the baptism gave a pretty good, firm word to Raymond's youngest son who's 18. I'll send pictures another day.
President extended a really great invitation, for every missionary to sanctify his/herself. For 40 days we will "fast" from things that could hinder us from feeling the spirit constantly in our lives. He is inspired.

The rain has let up a little bit, and Sister Smart and I are ready to see some miracles. We've been so blessed, and we're just gonna try and keep work to earn the blessings of our father in heaven.

I know that we have true prophets here on the earth. There are many good good people who have already, or are presently living here on the earth. I recognize that. but the fact that the heavens are open, we know the plan of God, we have His light and truth to guide us, and we are able to hear from him. It seems like something so simple, but I know the priesthood is real and makes all the difference for us to communicate with our father that is in heaven.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

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