Monday, July 9, 2012

Whew, it was another busy week this week.

We are working so hard, and we're hoping and praying that that will have fruits on Saturday for the baptismo of Patrícia and Cicero. They are changing, and feeling the spirit and you can see the hope that this will help them transform their lives, I know it will.

This week was interesting in that it was one of those weeks that helps you see your weaknesses a little more clearly. After all this time, there are a few basic things that still need adjustments. But this life is constant healing process. We are always going to be going through something, sometime, and seeking out our Heavenly Father's help. We shared Job 23:8-10 a few times in our messages this week, and I was taken aback by how grateful everyone was; essentially it talks about how when we are going, going, going, sometimes we don't see the Lord, BUT He knows our path, He knows what we're going through, and though He will try us and refine us and cast some light on our weaknesses "we will come out as gold." Amen.

We had a fireside last night where we watched 17 miracles about the Willie/Martin Handcart Companies. Not a dry eye. It was important for me to watch that. Here's what I wrote afterwards

He let me come. He let me come and serve Him and make such a tiny difference. He let me give a little of myself so that I could finally find Him and be nearer to Him and see His hand and His miracles. He sends me His Holy Spirito so that I can be comforted and assured that He is right there and He will never abandon us. I know He loves me and cares about who I am, and where I go and what I become. He cares about my desires and hopes and dreams. He knows that sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven
I'll do ALL He asks me to do. The rest of the world just doesn't matter. This is the gospel and power and glory of Jesus Christ. It's why we do what we do. We are so incredibly imperfect. But He will bless our weaknesses and kiss our heads when we falter so incredibly. But that's why He gave us His son. That's why that infinite sacrifice was so essential. We will live in Christ. We will live by His grace and mercy. We will find peace and rest in Him. He will redeem us. He will allow us to turn to Him of our own free will just so that WE can have the pleasure of having been the ones to decide to make it happen.

Our families will be forever. We will have eternal glory and happiness with our Father and with our Savior. I have no doubt of that. This is the truth. I am so loved and so blessed to be here serving my Savior Jesus Christ. THis is it. I am so grateful.

Please pray for Patricia and Cicero. It'll be a lovely week.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

In response to a question regarding how long it takes to get 'snail-mail' and how much longer folks ought to send a USPS letter, Sister Cornwall responded...

I think this is the last week! And honestly, because I'm so far from Salvador, I'll probably just get it on my way out.

love you, Rach
A few 'stealth' photos of Jequie borrowed from the blog of the Morgan's (the senior missionary couple) in Sister Cornwall's zone.

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