Monday, July 16, 2012

Cicero and Patricia with their three kids.
(From far left to right) Tiago - 1st Counselor in the Branch Presidency; Charles - the Branch Mission Leader; President Jose Helio; Sister Lima; Sister Cornwall
and Eleomar in the front

Wow, what a week.

Patricia and Cicero were baptized!!! It was marvelous. Cicero had travelled Sunday afternoon, and didn't get back until Wednesday night (which makes missionaries pretty nervous) but we talked to Patricia everyday and she was so great. When we talked to her Monday night, she said - I made my decision, I'm going to get baptized. Presidente José Helio of the branch had told a story in sacrament meeting about a man who said he would tight rope with a bicycle, and asked the crowd if they thought he could, and they said- yeah we believe it. Then he asked if they thought he could do it pulling someone behind him, and the crowd said - we believe you, but we don't trust you. Patricia totally got it and realized that she believed, even knew everything we taught her was true, but she wasn't trusting enough to follow through. She was so strong, and when we talked to Cicero, he also felt that it was the right thing to do. But then we didn't know if Cicero would have to work on Saturday; we prayed and prayed and when we got back from the conference with Presidente Andrezzo, we got to their house at 8h30 in the van with the Elders, and we asked Patricia anxiously if Cicero was home - and he was!!!

The baptism was probably the most rewarding I've ever been to. The entire branch has been asking about them, and apparently everyone already knew their names. There were a ton of people, and everyone got involved. There was a lovely little reception afterwards, and then the Branch Presidente interviewed the both of them. Sister LIma and I were a little under the weather, but it was pretty blissful for us. Then Cicero said he had to work Sunday morning, and so we prayed, realizing that having unshakable faith is seeing beyond the obvious, normal circumstance. And guess who went to church in a shirt and tie, with his beautiful wife, and three darling kids (João Pedro 6, Leticia 3, and Pedro Henrique 1 1/2) - it was miraculous. We really did so little. They were received so well, and they are just so grateful.

Wednesday night after our visit, we asked Cicero to give the closing prayer, and he thanked Heavenly Father for me and Sister Lima, he was so kind. Honestly, our mission was worth it just for this family. It was a little bit sad just because the branch adopted them so well that I felt like I lost 5 children, but it's better that way. Thank you everyone for your prayers. there is a power in prayer that I am only beginning to understand.

And we met the Andrezzos. They are darling. They are different from the Vecchis, but they were certainly called to take the mission to the next level. I feel so privileged to have been able to work with them for a few weeks.

Sister Lima and I are so full of gratitude. We are going to take care of ourselves, and then get back to work. We have the family of Veronica and Guilherme and Rosane, they need prayers this week . . . would you mind? I know there is a lot of faith and power when our investigators receive your prayers.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

Sister Andrezzo - Mission Mom; Sister Morgan - Senior Missionary; Sister Lima; Sister Cornwall

Some p.s. chats to Sister Cornwall's parents:
It was nice to meet the Andrezzos [the new Mission President and Mission Mom], finally. And I'll just brag a little. When I met Sister Andrezzo, she said - oh good to meet you Sister Cornwall -- the famous. I thought that was interesting. But then in my interview with Presidente he said that his son had told them that I was the best of the best [their son had been an A.P. in Sister Cornwall's mission back in Jan.] , and if he could pay me to stay, he would. I was incredibly flattered. They are incredibly lovable, and I am just so glad to have been able to meet them and work a little bit with them.

Also, I was sick this week. Sister Lima and I got a virus and ended up with diarrhea on Friday night, and then Saturday morning we woke up feeling lousy, but we went the second mile and did a visit, and . . . Sister Cornwall threw up on the street on the way home. It'll be a good story. We've been taking it easy (we really only went out on Saturday for the baptism) and we've been eating so little because we're just nauseous. But hey, we'll live.

Thanks for being so great mom and dad. Love, Rach

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