Monday, February 27, 2012

This week, the Lord was just so good to us. We worked, and it seemed like it wasn't going to work out . . . and then it did. We had two people at church after four weeks with no one. I am feeling so grateful for the opportunity to synchronize our efforts 100% with the will of Pai Celestial [Heavenly Father]. He has everything under control, and I know that it will all work out.

Juliette [widow with 7 small children mentioned in last week's letter] did not go to church, but the great thing is, we are going to keep working with her. I feel like we've been liberated by not working with people that don't want to learn. We are trying to just take advantage of every moment (time is flying) and help these people. Truly sincerely help them. I know that it's all going to work out, and I will send a more detailed update this week. Oh but I was inspired by Deutoronmy 8:2 this week - if you have a Bible, please read, and know that your 40 days in the wilderness are known to the Lord.

love, love,love,


p.s. Hey mom and darling dad. Oh I feel just that much closer chatting with you right now. That is MARVELOUS that you got to be with your momma [in Arizona for her birthday]. She is pretty stellar. I feel like I haven't talked to you in a while. I actually had a dream last night that I had offended dad and he talked to me from the other side of the street . . .it was so sad. Dad I love you. I thought of you ALL day yesterday [on your birthday] ...

... We really are so incredibly blessed. But I know that the Lord wants to see our faithfulness; if we're being faithful and humble and true, He doesn't necessarily need to try us - so let's keep being faithful and humble and true.

Also, I lost the photo of our entire family. If you could get a print (or three) and send them to me, that would be marvelous. I miss seeing everyone together!

Oh there are plenty of other things I could say, but just know that things are going well.

I love you both dearly.

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