Monday, February 6, 2012

The most recent e-mail letter to Sister Cornwall from her mother included some questions about the transfer and new area. Sister Cornwall answered:

Dad posted a map of your new area and it looks very close to your first two areas. Are they all in the same stake?


Are you in the same district as before?
Yes, as Stella Maris.

Have you seen any of the others sisters that you worked with before?
No, they've all moved on to other areas. But some clothes etc were left behind.

You mentioned that you are a different person and a different missionary than when you served there before - what differences has that made in the work - are you bolder?
I think the biggest difference is that I have experience and I know more what to expect and what needs to happen. The execution is still slow, but it's a more conscious way of working I think. loving to talk to everyone,

Are you enjoying people being out and about?
I do like seeing the people, but one thing about Salvador is that people are usually on the street . . . drinking. And that's annoying and sad.

It sounds like you are bolder in your letter - I like that bold Sister Cornwall.
I only hope the bold Sister Cornwall is able to still working in an effective kind of way.

I am so interested in the suitcases on the bus story - and why don't you think you will ever do it again?
It was just ridiculous. It is a long ways to the bus station - crossing a bridge, going up and down stairs. hauling it up to a bus that hardly has room for people to stand, and it was a REALLy hot day. and I was wearing flip flops. woopsie daisies. Don't tell Dad.

My first week sort of took forever to end . . . and this past one pretty much fled. We worked to try and have some results and it ended up making a bit of a difference.

I read in Ecclesiastes 1 this week - that scripture about "a time to plant, a time to pluck up, a time to hate, a time to love, a time to cry, a time to laugh" (and yes i DID sing the Simon and Garfunkel song okay.) But I have thought a lot about that, and felt very much the desire to be able to discern between those times. I think that is the trick of life. We have talked incessantly in the mission about teaching people, and not lessons (the idea that we don't enter a house and just spill out doctrine, but that we listen and perceive what the need of that person is, and then teach what it is that he/she needs to hear.) It's kind of a fine line. That's the incredible thing about being a human being teacher, and not just a pamphlet deliverer; we are here to invite these people to come unto Christ and HELP them. I have been learning a lot about where my testimony of some of these principles is lacking, and how many rough edges I still need to rub off a bit (read: a LOT.)

We have improved our group a lot (when I got here it was mostly 12 year old boys.) We are working to really focus on people that sincerely want to do God's will. And let me just say, those people aren't incredibly common. It's incredible how the more we go on, the more gaping our weaknesses seem. Though maybe that's just me.

I am developing love for this area little by little. It's just different, but there is PLENTY of work to be done. And learning to happen. And that is great.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

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