Monday, February 20, 2012

Queridos Amigos e Família, [Dear Friends and Family]

This week was a blessing from Pai Celestial Heavenly Father] . I remember waaaay back when, when I picked my mission scripture, that was in Proverbs - trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.

Truer words were never spoken. This week we tried to include the Lord 100 percent. This is not a duo, this is the work of trio. At the end of the day it seemed like we hadn't done too much, neither at the end of the week, but when we stopped to look at what had happened. It was incredible. I was filled with an incredible desire to work, with so much peace, and with so much LOVE for these people.

It probably helps that we found a family of a mother (Juliette) . . . and 8 darling children. Yes ma'am. The father of 7 died two years ago, so Juliette is doing just about everything, alone. I am in love with this family. You want to know the kids' names? Islan, Islaine, Islaideson, Raira, Raiara, Remerson, Renilson, Linda Vitoria. The youngest never met her dad, which is why her name is "beautiful victory."

The gospel has something that will help every single human being. Especially a family like this one. This life holds difficulties and hardships (some more than others) but there is a plan. Heavenly Father knows what we go through, but He will always give us a way to make it through. Always. But we don't always take advantage. I know that if we can manage to let our own will go - just soften your heart completely- and allow yourself to be calm, knowing that our Pai Celestial will take care of things. You have to have this positivity and this faith actually would be the word I want to use that all will be well, first of all because we have a Savior of the World, that saves us daily - from the difficulties and sadness and shortcomings, because there is a plan, because if we do what we know we should, things will come together . . . and if they don't it's because there's still something we need to learn. I know, this all makes life seem more complicated, but I can speak from experience, there is nothing easier. There is nothing better than feeling that all is well . . . even when it's not. I hope that makes sense. I am excited to work this week and try and help others feel of this love and hope and goodness that we can have. Even as a member of the Church I haven't been letting myself enjoy all the blessings, but at least I'm getting a little closer, baby step by baby step. But that is quite alright.

Have a marvelous glorious week.
Sster Cornwall

Mom, you are incredible. thanks for all your lovin. You ,,, are the greatest and so so good to me. thank you for allowing me to have this experience. it is all true. love, Rach

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