Monday, January 30, 2012

Okay, here we are. Another area, another internet cafe, another . . . everything.

It has been interesting to be in Mussurunga because it is incredibly close to Stell Maris/ItapuĆ£. So it's kinda like this flashback, but I am a different person and a different missionary, and this week I've kinda been getting over that.

It has been pretty warm (I can't believe my body is capable of sweating so much) - it was 40 degrees C [104 degrees F] the first day. Yup, pretty warm. but it's been pretty. I do rather love the Salvador climate.

Sister Ferreira is . . . great. She is adorably fastidious. She is 31 and is so glad to be on a mission. She likes everything just so, and I am just benefiting from the good side of that. I'll admit I was a little anxious to be here with her, but it has turned out being great, and I think we're going to do lots of great things.

Speaking of which, this past week was interesting. Kind of a shock to the system. I am not used to teaching children. I am not used to people pushing numbers. I am not used to being so. Incredibly. Sweaty. But I'm glad that I learned how to think/evaluate and to act with Sister Petersen. There are lots of things that need to be done (strengthen . . . ALL the recent converts here, get the ward started to be involved in the work etc.) I feel like there has been a lot of opportunity to maximize a stewardship here. I am here NOT because I am whatever sister missionary - I am Sister Cornwall, the sister that has had the most casamentos [weddings/marriages] (and we've got a few more lined up already. I think missionaries here are scared of marriages because they can get a little complicated, and delay a bit. but hey, Sister Cornwall isn't scared of that.) I have realized that there are incredible works to be done beyond just baptizing. I know, blasphemy. But sincerely, something needs to change in this situation. And I am so glad that we can do it.

I am also glad that I never have to travel with suitcases on a bus again. Oh gosh. It was just like any hilarious scene on a movie. Next time, we're going to take a taxi.

I saw the sea today. It was just so lovely. I am grateful to be learning. To be self sufficient in improving myself in this gospel. It is great.

I love you all, dearly,
Sister Cornwall

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