Monday, January 16, 2012

Well it was another exciting week.

We ended up having another wedding of one of pesquisadoras. She married the nephew of the Presidente da Estaca and it was quite the affair (that, as weddings tend to do I´m learning . . . ran late.) But it was lovely and it was good to show support for her, and to play and lead the music.

We started out the week a little frustrated. Our group of people that we're teaching has been rather small, and we got so frustrated knowing that we're working so incredibly hard, but seeing so few valuable results. So we decided to just stop what we were doing and evaluate the situation. We realized that we needed to change our focus; we needed to just stop and ask where we need to put our efforts. Fortunately God is gracious, and incredibly responsive, and we realized that we needed to work more with menos ativos [less actives]. We have a list of all the members, and we decided to just pass everyone we know that could benefit. And then we started feeling much more useful.

It's been interesting to be with Sister Petersen who has the same amount of time that I have . . . who is just as tired as I am and we're just trying to support each other and the exhaustion sets in. But we made so many important realizations about our teaching. That frankly, yes, we have the information, we know the techniques, and we've both felt that there's gotta be something more than just that. Of course there is!! We taught a lesson, and we talked just about love. It was an interesting experience, and we just felt so much paz [peace] during that lesson. We felt at peace with our work, with our sacrifices, with our daily effort. And then the Lord blessed us with some great people to teach. (and Sister Petersen noted afterwards that we found these novos [new people] on our way to menos ativos[less actives]. deus é fiel. [God is faithful].)

Sílvia and Maikeli went to church, and are great girls. And last night . . . we just taught them. And yesterday we also taught Patricia; Sister Petersen made a contact, and the lady invited us in and we met these women who are just looking for a worthy place, a church that isn't part of the market, and how we were answers to prayers. Those are the moments when it's worth it to be a missionary; when your head is bowed and you're listening to the closing prayer from someone who is thanking God for sending two people to guide her path. Those are the days when you feel most grateful to Heavenly Father that He loves us and has a good great plan.

I am so grateful for that plan. It is perfect. There is truth and strength in this world. And oh how we need it. We have an INFINITE power at our disposal . . . and are we even using it to get over the day to day pains and stubbed toes? I certainly hope so. I know it's the Lord's work.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

[Note: Sister Cornwall announced her camera was dropped - not by her - and it is not working. So we are not expecting too many photos for the next little(?) while, until a fix is figured out.]

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