Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well, it has been QUITE a week. And fortunately, we took a lot of pictures. So actually Ím just gonna send what could be an overload of pictures (though if I know my mother, it́s probably not [too many] for her.)

1. Our tree!!! Everyday I made an ornament and we wrote what we were grateful for everyday. It turned out to be really cute (with a LOT of fun presents from two very cute American moms)

2. Opening presents!

3. Looking at the pictures of my GORGEOUS family. It was quite a pleasant little surprise to feel a bit more updated on the lives of my fam. [Sister Cornwall is looking at and referring to the little digital picture frame (key chain) she got for Christmas which was pre-loaded with 50 photos of the family, with emphasis on the nephews and nieces.]

4. A little Christmas morning hot chocolate. We used candy canes which made all the difference in the world.

5. In the back yard garden of the membeŕs house on Christmas; that flower will become the fruit maracuja, and it is beautiful.

6. Birthday pineapple! Oh that Sister Petersen. Shés hilarious. It was delicious.

7. Yes, this was a random sign left on the side of the road that I picked up and asked Sister Petersen to take the picture. Come on, it was an opportunity that I simply couldńt pass up.

A few other things happened this week amidst all the holidays. First of all, Sister Petersen and I finished the Book of Mormon (I finished it on my birthday at about 10:30.) It was great. Goodness gracious that book is powerful. And more than that - it́s true. I actually ended up reading the Book of Mormon through twice this year, which I think was a first, but it was wonderful. There is something miraculous about the book - prepared for our days, and the basis of our testimony. I know the Book of Mormon is true, and that the promise of the book is real - ask and God will confirm that it́s true. I asked Heavenly Father a question that had been in my head, and when the sacrament prayer started - nossa [?] - it is a powerful thing to have God answer your prayers. I am grateful for the reality of that promise.

Also, we started the Doctrine and Covenants; Íve been a little anxious to get started, and I am thrilled. What a miraculous and valuable thing that book is. It is all true and good and unique (or it́s the biggest lie ever. I cańt help but declare that I know it́s true. I am so grateful that this is the plan. It́s better than any other.

Also, we visited A Igreja Pentecostal Vale da Benção. We were invited by Alan. Oh dear. Can I just say that I didńt really like it? It was very loud, and very confusing, and though the pastor seemed to like us (coming over frequently to talk to us) Ím not sure exactly what his intentions were when he assigned us to read Isaiah 3 and 43. Oh well, they certainly are great chapters. It was sorta rough. But let me just say that I am so so happy where I am.

It was a great year, and Ím so excited to have a good excuse to make goals and be better. I know our Father in Heaven loves us, and that this is the only true church of Jesus Christ.

love, love, love,
Sister Cornwall

1. A lovely parrot I saw on my birthday. Surprise!

2. Caught in the rain.

3. Finishing off the Book of Mormon at our little party. I did it!

4. We went to Bairro Brasil to eat at a membeŕs house. It was kind of a drama to get there and back, but it was worth it. It was two young adults that cooked for us . . . it was the best food Íd eaten in Brasil. I was very happy. And as we were leaving everyone sang parabéns [congratulations/happy birthday]. It ended up being one of the best birthdays ever. The members were so nice (I ate way too much cake Saturday and Sunday.) Also, I took a lot more pictures, but just a lack of time. But yoúll all see them eventually. It was a really wonderful day.

love you so much, Rach

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