Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear fam and amigos,

This week was . . . a full one. Especially the weekend.

First of all, we had the wedding of Suelen and Dhefeson Friday night. We were there to receive the lovely cake, and to help get all the benches in place, and I played for the hymns . . . and the entrance music . . . and the exit music. It was a lovely little event.
Then the baptism happened on Saturday evening. There were a good number of people there, and Suelen was so excited and after 4 attempts - she was baptized. Then Sunday she was there right on time and just so excited (having stayed up until 1 in the morning reading the Daughters In My Kingdom and George Albert Smith manuals.) She was beaming. Also when she was confirmed, Carlos - recently baptized - was in the circle with a white shirt and tie. It was a wonderful sight. The most interesting part of this whole process was Dhefeson, Suelen´s newly wed husband - officially. He has really not showed too much interest, but he was there for the whole process, and he just loves Suelen so so much. Then yesterday he prayed and ended ìn the name of Jesus Christ . . . amém.`I think he was just as surprised as we were. He usually just ends - "and thus it be" - or something. I am excited for them to work it out and for him to feel the sweet, sweet Spirit of Pai Celestial [Heavenly Father].
Sister P and I taught Princípios of the Gospel, talking about the nature of God. And it was perfect to have Carlos, Celia, Suelen and Dhefeson - I learned so much about who we are and the purpose of this plan being to learn and progress and become responsible for others. I love this gospel, I love being here (and I do rather love sister P.) and I love my family and dear friends.

Uma Boa Semana! [A Good Weekend!]
love love love,
Sister Cornwall

p.s And yes! I got all your letters, and Dad´s, and Katie´s package and everything this past week. It was MARVELOUS. Thank you so so much. You are the best. I loved every little bit of it. So things are coming.

NOTE: Rachel reports that the mission has informed her of a mail problem. Reportedly many packages have been impounded (the government keeps them until a fee is paid) at the mail offices. Up until now only the American packages have been impounded. Packages may be impounded for many reasons. One of the problems is that the mission address we have been using looks like a "commercial" address. A proposed solution to help with this problem is to send packages and letters to this address which looks more residential :

R. Lucaia nº 295
Apartament, 202
Horto Florestal
Salvador – BA


The mission also asked that the price/valuation of the contents of packages be UNDER 50 dollars each.

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