Monday, January 23, 2012

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Well, we just found out the transferências, and yes . . . Sister Cornwall is getting transferred. (And no, it wasn't a surprise. I knew pretty much the first weeks when I got here that I would stay for four [transfers @ 6 weeks each], and I'm leaving the best teaching group ever, so that was a sign.) It's true. We worked, and walked and prayed a lot this week. Tuesday was actually conferência de zona. It was kind of the Sister Petersen/Sister Cornwall show. First of all, we had our darling musical number, that went very well I ended up recording the accompaniment and we sang along. Let's just say Presidente was pretty impressed that I was able to sing at the pulpit and play at the piano . . . at the same time!) Also, we were asked to do the practice for the 10 minute lesson. (The idea is that you can give any person that wants to hear at least ten minutes, and when we simplify and intensify, we can use our time more wisely among people that are open to hearing a message, but are NOT open to accepting a commitment.) I actually already knew about that too. Last week, when Sister Petersen and I were making incredible discoveries and changing our teaching and realizing, essentially, what it's all about - I told her that we would be doing the practice, and we did. It went very very well. We were feeling pretty thrilled. And then Tuesday, everything fell through. Wednesday was a little better. Thursday was great, Friday we were very blessed, Saturday we had at least a good afternoon, and Sunday, was pretty much just walking. Anyway, all this complaining is just to say that you can make progress . . . without actually seeing tangible results. Sister Petersen and I have both benefited incredibly from this transfer. She sorta reminded me who I am. I will always be grateful for this little tempinho [time/period] we had together.

So, our group: Unfortunately Sílvia (24) and Maikeli (18) went to their little weekend house, so we barely talked to them. We also have Patrícia that ended up not going, but she is rather incredible. She always has good questions, and she knows that her faith is changing and to some extent, growing. Michelle (8) is talking a little bit more every visit, and they are just taking everything in very well. That's the thing about the gospel of Jesus Cristo. It makes sense. When we want to understand, and we're willing to ask, we're gonna get it. We're going to see more clearly. And that is incredible.

Sister `P and I studied a lot about the Espírito Santo [Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost] this week, and it is a powerful thing. It is a power beyond this earth that has the capacity to stay with us when we let him. There is power and purpose in our lives, we just need to open up to the correct power and let ourselves be led a little bit. I know, we think we're so intelligent, but there is an incredible, perfect, loving Being that can help us . . . but only if we let it. The Holy Ghost has a very delicate voice that we need to be seeking to hear. There are too many frauds of truth in this world, that are trying to fake it. It's not the same thing. It is the power of God, completely and beautifully . . . or it isn't. Please , gente [people], please just let this beautiful relieving power be more present in your life. It can and should change us.

We've been teaching Erlan. He came to church on Sunday, and I'll be so excited to hear about him. He genuinely wants to know. He has been very well educated in the study of the Bible, and he's willing to do the work. Sister Petersen and I testified of the truthfulness of the ,profeta [prophet], and - you know that feeling - well, it was so powerful. It was suddenly so much clearer why we need to lead the lives we do - to have the sensation in our lives. There are people in this world with questions, and fortunately we have a loving Pai and Salvador [Father and Savior] who have answers -- good, whole answers. I am so grateful that I am here doing the work of the Lord. It is rough, but then you have these moments that redeem an entire day of walking, or someone that gets it, that's worth every other person that doesn't. And that is the work of our Pai Celestial [Heavenly Father].

Well, next week I'll be in Salvador again. It'll be the same capela [chapel] as Stella Mares. I'll be with Sister Ferreira (30) and we are going to work. (Also, letters come every week in Salvador, so please gente . . . feel free.)

Lots and lots and lots of love,
Sister Cornwall

p.s. Dad, thanks for the photos of Christmas and of Jas and Stef's house. it is gorgeous and huge by the way. our family is the greatest. Thanks for being there...

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