Monday, November 14, 2011


This week we were . . . working harder than ever you could say. We have had some good experiences, and - if you believe it - a few more experiences that were difficult. First of all, it was raining. A lot. I wore two sweaters, and tights and close toed shoes. And we used an umbrella the entire day. Plus this month there are a ton of holidays. Suffice it to say that I needed a little reprimanding when I got cynical and was lacking faith. But the incredible thing is, there is always room to go up. There were times this week where I thought that there is not a chance for these people! They are stubborn and ignorant with closed hearts (sorry Conquista!) but guess what - it´s not about those people, it´s not even about me! There is something truly great and inspiring and uplifting knowing that our Father in Heaven has a handle on this work. We talked a little bit about some of the churches that talk against the [LDS] church. Unfortunately. They even talk about the dangers of these two little missionaries. I know, we are pretty frightening. But the thing that is incredible, is that we´re not alone. Those that don´t have very nice things to say aren´t against the frankly pathetic work of these two young women; they KNOW that there are legions working with us. And what´s more, the inimigo [enemy] knows. It´s incredible that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ opens our vision. We are capable of SO much more. More peace, more happiness, more strength, more confidence.

If you believe in God, I mean, if you´re really going to believe in some mighty being that watches over us, that is all omnipotent and that truly guides our paths, why not let him be everything? Why NOT let Him provide you with the power to to more with your life?

I thought a lot about faith this past week. (perhaps because I was lacking slightly.) And I know that maybe faith seems like this blind, flimsy motive that can deceive us into letting horrible things happen. (believe me, I´ve already pondered this unfortunate possibility.) But then - then - when I seek to have faith, to just allow my Heavenly Father to have more influence, believing that He´s aware of my situation - something happens. There´s more peace, and purpose and calm. I need to let Him play a more significant role in my life. I´m not capable of getting through this work (and the rest of my life) alone. A few wise individuals this week enlightened me regarding the relationship between faith, hope and charity (fé, esperança e caridade) and how amor [love] is the force that God works by. And yet we´re grounded by our faith and our hope in what´s going to come. I´m so grateful.

We´re hoping for a casamento [marriage] AND a batismo. I would love for you to include Celia and Carlos in your prayers. This week is important.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

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