Monday, November 21, 2011

The "e-mail" this week consisted of a few lines of "chatting" between Sister Cornwall and her Mom on various issues. Below are some snippets that may be of general interest.

Sister Cornwall has a regulated amount of time on the computer once each week. This very limited block of time allows her to read all e-mails received in the previous week AND for writing and sending her e-mail(s).
With Sister Cornwall's letter getting shorter and shorter it is probably the case that on weeks with several incoming e-mails to read there is not much time for Sister Cornwall to type an outgoing letter. To allow Sister Cornwall plenty of time to share as much as possible each week it may be a good idea to send chatty, lengthy letters via USPS and keep e-mails somewhat short and to the point. Then we can all benefit from hearing more about her day to day activities and feelings.

... hooray for Kevin [Misrahe, on hearing of his mission to Milan] ! Goodness, that is the BEST thing he could possibly do. I love missions. and happy holidays by the way. We were going to have a Thanksgiving party today... it́s strange to think that those things are happening.

Guess what, we ate lunch with the family that wéll eat lunch with Christmas . . . and we may or may not have discussed a few details about that special day.


They [the family with whom we will spend Christmas] do [have a computer] . . . and yes, Skype is most certainly an option! Ím not sure about the details of the day, but wéll probably spend a good portion of the day there. Theýre probably one of my favorite families in the ward.


I miss you guys. and can you tell Dad how grateful I am for him? I hear about too many fathers that are too irresponsible, too uncaring, too unfaithful. and I will always be grateful for my incredible father. Thank you most sincerely.


Herés a little letter...:

I cańt seem to get a hold on these weeks. They are just falling away, and the year is nearing an end - but we have a lot to do before that point.

Okay, Celia and Carlos wereńt baptized (nor married) this week. All that will happen Saturday. It is a big deal!!! We worked incredibly hard this week and improved in ways I never have on my mission. We made leaps and strides in our little numbers, and tried to be very, very united with the rest of our district. I know that the Lord recognizes our efforts and that He is always trying to give us everything He can to help us. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow. To make mistakes and get better!

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

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