Monday, September 26, 2011

MTC Companions

It was a great, but exhausting week. First of all, we headed to Salvador for a Sisters Conference. We all received wise counsel from our dear Presidente. We got on a bus 10:30 [pm] Monday, arrived 6 Tuesday morning, had a great day in Presidente´s home, then got on another bus 10:30 Tuesday night, and got back at 6:00 Wednesday morning . . . and got to work. We were . . . let´s face it, wasted, but fortunately the Lord really helped us out. We lost a couple days of work, but He made up for it. It was amazing. It was hot, and we´re working up, up, up a hill, and yet, it was a pretty great week. Presidente talked a lot about how Sisteres are here to baptize families. We have a special capacity to touch people´s hearts as women, and we were so blessed to find families: mother, father and children. Wow, the Lord knows what He´s doing. We´re just going to keep on working.

Also, friends, General Conference is this week. If you don´t know about this already, you had better look into it. We´ve been talking to/inviting everyone we know to go and watch, and I am getting incredibly excited. There´s just something really great about hearing our dear, dear Profeta speak to us personally. It is going to be just marvelous. GO! You won´t regret, I will guarantee that.

Also, this week was interesting in that so many of the things I studied seemed to revolve around the Second Coming. There are so many things happening in this world that indicate that, frankly, profecies are being fulfilled. It could be very easy to worry about what´s happening, what is going to happen, where we´ll be, but as long as we´re doing what we know we should - no need to worry. We have a Profeta today to tell us what we need to do today to merit salvation; no, we don´t know everything about what´s going to happen after this life, etc, etc, but we know what we need to do today, and so, we just need to do it. The Lord gave commandments so that we could be happy. It´s not a secret. He gave us ALL we need to do, and the ability to do it . . . so, the rest is up to you and me I suppose. I hope you all are doing what´s right. It´ll make me happy, and you happy, and our Father in Heaven happy. So, what I´m saying is .. . go to General Conference[*]. I´ll be watching at the exact same time as you!

Have a glorious marvelous inspirational week gente [people],

love love love,
Sister Cornwall


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