Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today a thick letter was received at 336 (Sister Cornwall's parent's home). The envelope contained letters to be forwarded to several recipients, it contained the following photos from Itapua (her previous area) - with captions and it contained a little card dated 16/Augosto that said,

"This poor letter just got postponed & postponed so that when you get it, it'll be pretty ancient. But I love you all so dearly. Thank you so much for your love & support. Love, love, love, Rach"

"The sister in yellow is the wife of the bispo [bishop]. She's pretty fun. And Bispo LOVES the futebol team Bahia. Loves. I'm going to miss this little ward."

"A cutie little shot at Igreja de Ouro (Church of Gold). Quite frankly I was missing Paris a bit in this Big old Catholic church."

"I don't think I will be with Sister Morales again - so this was a fun final activity with her"

" Look at this AWESOME action shot that Sister Desnon took. We jumped off the edge of the dune & landed in the sand. Pretty fun."

"While we were enjoying the view, we did a little stretching & looked at the view upside down. I love these sisters.

"Hilarious. I don't even remember doing this, but Sister Denson had this photo on her camera, & I had to get a copy of this shor in Pelorinho [in downtown Salvador].

"Our last night. Alesandro is the YW President who's serving a "corto prayo" mission for just 3 transfers [18 weeks]. She is incredible. She'll be missed."

Here are a few snippets from Sister Cornwall's letters to her Mom & Dad that may be of general interest...

"The Sisters in our district work in the office, so they bring our letters every week to us. They are such a thrill..."

"Some days are actually really hard when I talk to these people & then think about my own very blessed life. I just pray & beg Heavenly Father to give these people a little bit more of what I have in abundance in my life. God is way to good to me."

"It's been terrifically interesting to see more of the workings of the structure of the church - how the Bishop uses his counselors, the needs of a unit before it can be divided, the role of priesthood in ordinances like baptism. I've also come to appreciate more the role of the Bishop, especially since we've had to send a few people to talk to him, fully knowing their situation, & knowing that the Bispo is the only one who can help..."

"I want to do so much good, & too often I feel like I'm not doing enough... I just want to be a useful servant, & work harder... in these short 18 months. Fortunately I have prayer, & letters & President Vecchi. I love that man."

"Oh mom, all of a sudden, just writing a letter to you makes my heart hurt a little bit. Sometimes I wonder why I left all that behind - all of my beautiful family, but then I remember all these people. Gah,... I love them. I Love Brasil. I Love Bahia, & my heart yearns, aches to help these people."

"I came to Brasil with a desire to do something, to make a difference, & it is all so slow in coming, but that's all right".

"I can't think about what would have happened had I not gone [on this mission]. The Lord knew, & he prompted me so strongly to go a serve, even though it was hard."

"Thank you for your love and prayers..."

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