Monday, September 12, 2011

Olá gente, [Hello people, everybody]

There are so many things buzzing through my head: we have two baptismos for Saturday (yes!); I went to a college English class today (felt pretty cool) and this is the last week of the transfer. Yup.

Our two little baptismos this week are: Jhony and Suelen. Jhony is a 22 year old student that was marked to get baptized on saturday, but we decided to wait a week, and we announced it in church, and everyone´s so excited, and it is going to be marvelous. Suelen, oh my, she is buzzing through the Book of Mormon, she is feeling great, and she liked church (which is a relief, though not much of a surprise.) We talked a lot about families and about the importance of . . . just seeking out lasting ties in this life, and I think she liked that. Her husband, who´s espírita (a very intellectual doctrine that involves talking to spirits on the other side, very interesting, and incredibly annoying) came to church as well. He accepts everything but has no desire to move. They also have a three year old Luna Rosa who is beautiful, ( and we may or may not have enjoyed some of the goodies from her party this week.) We are feeling very blessed, and very aware that we need to work a lot this week. This ward needs these people, and especially needs to get excited that miracles happen, even here in Candeias (did I mention there were only 5 batismos in 2010 and 2011 combined. Yeah.)

But there are so many other people that are ready to get baptized, that have come to church, but are just waiting for . . . something. I only hope that I can know what the Lord needs me to do to help them out. We are just wanting to . . . make progress.

And yes, I just got back from UESB, where there was an English class describing dishes they had to make (cookies, brownies, sushi) and yes, they brought the finished project to class. It was an interesting experience. The teacher said I had to speak English, and yes, there were a few moments that Portuguese sort of slipped out naturally. But I´m grateful for the chance to be able to help. (And it wasn´t nearly as fun to talk with young adults as it was with young children. oh well.)
We also had a little visit from Presidente and Sister Vecchi. They came to inspect our apartment, and to do interviews. I had the chance to talk to Presidente about how things are going, and I just love that man. He speaks English fluently, so he would say certain things in English but he is so incredibly hopeful. My week got a huge lift just talking to him. I realized that my attitude was and is completely my own choice. Sister de Assis is funny. She has (since the first day) told me ´calma` [calm] about ten times a day. I just want to run around and get it done, but she is calm and doesn´t like to get overexcited. Sometimes, I get a little impatient, or bothered, but you know what - I love her. She has taught me so much, and I am grateful to her. Also, it´s not worth my time to get pouty or sad or a little brava [angry]. We laughed a lot this week, and I´m learning that that is often the only response appropriate in a lot of these situations. I am grateful that God gave us laughter. It can save us. I realized that sometimes I grip so tightly my own will and my own desires, and that frankly, I sort of need to just let it go and see the situation a little more lovingly. If I can just let go of what my will is and just see the grand scheme of the situation, there will be so much more pleasant happiness in my life. The gospel of Jesus Christ isn´t about being really big and pious, it´s just living life in a simple, right manner. I am grateful for that. We have to check in with the Savior just to see what it is He would have us do. We have the espirito santo [Holy Spirit] to help us out, to know what it is the Lord would do if he were here.

We have one more week to make it count, [until transfers] and I can´t believe it. Things are bustling by. But I´m grateful for the opportunity to work. It is a grueling privilege sometimes, but I sort of LOVE it.

I hope this week is lovely, and great.

love love love,
Sister Cornwall

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