Monday, October 3, 2011

Well, here we are, back after a huge week. We were seeking to work extra hard because of General Conference, and then General Conference itself ended up being slightly exhausting as well.
Everybody was together at the Stake building (which is actually within walking distance for us) Saturday and Sunday. The Stake President had mentioned that maybe there would be English for the missionaries, but that didn´t end up happening. Which is fine, because I´ll be watching in English for the rest of my life. It was a little bit harder to focus, but I was blessed to be able to understand most of what everyone was saying (and cute little Richard G. Scott dubbed his own talk.) It was a powerful two days. There were some inspired things said, and in general it was more encouragement to do what is right. The amazing thing is, the gospel of Jesus Christ doesn´t change. What is true is true, and we have a prophet that can reveal, emphasize, apply and evaluate the doctrine for us today. I feel more prepared to go out and continue teaching all these great things to the people. We had a few little pesquisadores [investigators] (one Inis, this woman we have sort of been teaching. we left a little bilhete [note] in her mailbox and she came to two sessions! another was Lara, who wants to get baptized, but here mom is espĂ­rita [?spiritualist or evangelist?] and isn´t willing to sign the form,) and Jhony were there. It was interesting to see these great men and music and words [of General Conference] from their perspective. This church is big and great and organized . . . but it also is for the individual.

I think the biggest realization I had was the emphasis on Eternal Life. As missionaries we give people these little tasks to do to help them be better and come closer to Christ. But it´s more than just a church, or a book, or a man. This gospel is about the salvation and exaltation of EVERYONE. We can´t stop when that´s what´s at risk. These men and women donate their lives to be servants of a great Master and to help us. You. Me. Everything we do here is about learning who we are, why we´re here, and what we need to return to our loving Heavenly Father. I needed to hear this. We all do.

This week was a little trickier. All I want to is to be diligent and efficient, but we need someone to let us in first. That is hard. (and potentially exhausting) but it has to be done. That´s simple. The Lord has something we need to learn. And He´s given us so many tools, and opportunities, and what are we doing with them? I hope we´re using them, I hope I´m using them to the extent I should. I´m so inspired by the glorious examples and the goodness and the hope. I love this gospel.

Love, Love, Love,
Sister Cornwall

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