Monday, October 17, 2011

Whew, this week was a full one. It was physically and emotionally pretty exhausting. We are teaching some incredible people, and hoping that they will continue to progress and feel the strength that comes with the knowledge that we have a Savior that paid the price for us, and now we´re here on the earth with a plan. There is a plan! I thought a lot about faith recently, that it is strength. I know I know, sometimes it looks like weaknesses, and sometimes I can understand that, but really, and I can only speak for myself, it is my strength. I know that there is a reason for everything. I know that our Father in Heaven doesn´t want to see us suffer, but He does want us to learn. There was a quote (from somewhere, I don´t remember) that said that as Christians we don´t obey because we´re blind, but we follow because we see. Right? It is a great gospel. And guess what, we need to renew our testimony often of the truth we know in our lives. I need to renew my convictions . . . frequently, it´s the only way to discover happiness.

This week the big news was that the postal strike ended. Yes. We can now send and receive letters. Yup.

We had 5 people at church yesterday. The bispo dropped us off at their house before church . . . and we dragged the two young men out bed (literally) and they all biked down with the step-dad and two little sons. It was great to see them there.

We had a lot of experiences this week where we really were there to mourn with those that mourn. We saw one of our investigators on the street and were so excited to see her. She let us know she´s separating from her husband. Another lady we know came up to us and cried about how her brother died (her mom´s a member of the church) and talked about how her husband who drinks is incredibly violent. We tried to just show that we cared.

I´m trying to think of other exciting things that happened in this strange land of Brazil, but you´ll have to wait until next week my friends.

love, love, love,
Sister Cornwall

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