Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It was expected that there would be transfers that affected Sister Cornwall last week.  With transfers it would not be unexpected that it may be a challenge for Sister Cornwall to get her weekly e-mail letter off.  The short note shared below is all that was received last week.  So far, only a short note - shared below -  is all that has arrived this week as well.

17 April 2012

Thanks so much mom - and unfortunately we don't have any news yet - apparently there are going to be  quite a few little changes, so it's taking a little longer. you all will just be able to await a great big surprise next week! Those photos [from Jeff's post of "Silly Faces"] are really funny  and they are helping me right now. We had a truly incredible week, but I am kind of dead. I am just sooo tired. We also just spent two hours on bus coming home from the office . . . standing . . . with boxes of copies of the Book of Mormon. Oh boy.

We met a family this week of 9 people (different than Juliete's family, which we are no longer teaching.) They just happened to be in the home of another family we visit. They live in the last house, way in the wild, and they have - nothing to eat. Sunday morning was stake conference and they didn't have money for the bus, but they met up on our street - everyone all ready and snazzy - and we found rides among the members. We also had Vitoria and Gleice two young women, and Jade, an eight year old girl that went. It was quite the day - and Presidente Vecchi was visiting and even gave the family a ride home! We are really feeling blessed with the work, and we're excited to continue the miracles . . . even if we're not together. Until next week!

love love - and more love,
Sister Cornwall

23 April 2012

I stayed, and Sister Smart is here with me, and I am so so happy. We are going to practice for a special music number in a little conference with Elder Clayton this week, so we'll come back later to finish off our internet time, but I love you, thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and inspired lesson plan!
love, Rach

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