Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heyo amigos e familiares, [Heyo friends and family],

Well, I can't quite believe how time is slipping away. The weeks are just scrunched together between writing emails. The highlight of last week was our Zone Conference. After having a training the week before conference, then conference, and then zone conference, I feel like I have so many things to put into practice. We talked a lot about how great this work is. That this is not just getting people blessings of this earth (having success, having peace, avoiding trouble) but it's about ETERNAL blessings. I think too often I am looking to the ground, and just fretting about many things, but we also talked significantly about faith. Presidente Vecchi - wow, it was this flurry of wonderful ideas, and everyone was just taking down everything coming out of his mouth. Faith is a process that we live, that affects our personal progress on the earth. The fact that we're here to act for ourselves and not to be acted upon, means that we still need to have faith to trust that our actions will be recognized and furthermore rewarded.

After the conference we were invited to study how we can have faith to work miracles. As I studied I read 2 Nephi 9, and realized that we need to lift up our head and rejoice and give ears to the word of God, and recognize the past mercies of the Lord. Then, I read about Peter walking on water (I noted a few similarities between him and myself) and realized that these things really are the keys; if Peter had lifted up his head and focused on the Savior, and listened to his invitation to COME, and just realized that HE WAS WALKING ON WATER already, he would have made it all the way. Faith is something that I have sincerely needed to develop (and I continue needing that.)

In our study - and with our pesquisadores - we use a process of 7 steps with the purpose of reading a specific selection of scriptures, with a specific question (for example, How can I develop faith to work miracles?) : 1. pray, asking help from Heavenly Father in this little home work. 2. Read the scripture and 3. write your feelings and your answer. 4. Pray again thanking Heavenly Father for the answer, and asking for more guidance. 5. Read the scripture again. 6. Revise what you wrote, and write even more 7. Pray to Heavenly Father to know a) if the book of Mormon is true and b) if your answer is correct. It is an incredible process.

I know that the scriptures are true, and that the Livro de Mórmon is the word of God. I don't have a single doubt that He loves me and that this is His gospel here on the earth.

love, love, love,
Sister Cornwall

p.s. to Mom,

Oh thanks mom for everything. . . And thanks for sending your thoughts. I am feeling good. I really don't have all that much time left, but I know that Heavenly Father has a few lessons that He'd still like me to learn. This will be an interesting week, because it's probably the last with Sister Ferreira. . .

I am so happy that you're in Boston, our family is so great and so blessed.

At zone conference I had the distinct feeling that I do NOT want to go home; there's a Sister who's staying an extra transfer, and in her farewell testimony she said how grateful she was for another sacred month and half and I about died thinking that I was losing a potentially sacred month and a half, but I know that I'm going when Pai Celestial wants be to go. And frankly, there's a purpose, . . . I know, I need to focus on here, and I am, . . . Pai Celestial expects us to do a lot of things in this life. Thanks . . . for being so fun. I am incredibly blessed.

Kiss that cute, cute Emary for me, I can't wait to meet her. Love you so so dearly.

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