Monday, August 1, 2011

Pronounced Ba-ee-ah
Hello there!

Another week has flown by. It´s funny how the more you start to appreciate something, the more it starts to just slip by. This week was an interesting one, and we just tried to utilize every moment. Of course, sometimes things are weird, or tricky, or fall through, but the great thing is - you just keep going.

This past week at church was not quite as joyful as the week before, but at least our dear friends Ademareo and Irene were there. Ademareo is a 40ish year old man who loves Jesus Christ. He is solid and quiet and he is on track to be baptized Saturday. Oh, and last week there was a baptism in our district of 8 people. The other ward in our building had 6 and we had 2 from the Elders (Favreau and Smith, they re great missionaries, and we have lunch with them everyday. They´re both Americans so we have a grand old time together.) It was so incredible to see all the white jumpsuits running around, and I was full to the brim with joy and happiness - even though one of our dear ones wasn´t actually dressed in white.

It has been interesting to learn a little bit more about my own nothingness this past week. I think that perhaps I was under the impression that as a missionary I would come off feeling like the conquering hero, but you know, that´s not really how it works. Yes, certainly these people have needs, and yes, certainly you are the individual called and set apart to find these people and teach them, but still, I´m pretty helpless. That was a pret-ty tough realization for Sister Cornwall this week, but one certainly worth realizing. I just want to give these people everything - they have my whole heart - and when your heart´s involved, sometimes, it just gets broken. And that hurts. But fortunately I´m learning about the love of the Savior, that fortunately he has infinite love that will keep going when mine sort of comes short.
Like any body of people, these Bahianos have some . . . intricate idiosyncrasies, if you will. We get frustrated when they give their word, and then fall through. But hey, this is life. Life is choosing and learning and hoping that it´s enough. I feel sometimes that there´s so much life entering my head, and sometimes I don´t even realize it. Over the rest of my life I suppose I´ll just try and sort through everything I´ve experienced here. One thing I know I´ve learned is gratitude. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. I know that people are not as happy without it. I`m sorry, but they´re not. I am grateful for worthy priesthood holding friends, family, leaders, it is a blessing in my life. I am grateful that I am healthy and strong and live(d) in a place that helped me to stay healthy and strong. I am grateful to be on a mission, and even though sometimes I do feel helpless, I can rest assured knowing that I am giving everything I can to at least put some effort out there. I know I am not the only one, and I am grateful for all the others that are working arduously for this cause. I am grateful for my Savior, oh, he has such power that I can´t even comprehend, but at least I know he loves me and that he knows my faults and how badly I feel sometimes, and that he made it possible to help me out, to save me in fact. I am grateful for that. I love each and every one of you. I am grateful for your prayers, and I know that they are heard by a loving Heavenly Father who is very much behind this work.

Love, Love, Love,

Sister Cornwall

p.s. Mom, you are the best. Dad, thank you for your letters. They are a huge blessing and delight for this little sister missionary. I am so blessed to have you guys in my life. Love, Rach

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