Monday, July 25, 2011

My, my, my what a week. Amidst the devastation and disappointment of some of last week´s happenings, Sister Denson and I made some changes. We did a divisão [splits] Friday, and it was interesting to see how other people do things. I sort of had a little breakdown and decided I was done lacking success around here, so we sat down and evaluated how we´re doing things, and what we should be doing better, and decided to fast, and things changed my friends. (I also read a talk from an Elder that had 52 weekly baptisms. yup.)

Anyway, we had 8 people at church yesterday, and the Elders had nine. We are so blessed. Saturday we talked about all the possible desculpas [evasions, run-a-rounds] people could have, and decided we would write Mormon 9:21 for them and leave a reminder about Church. It was amazing to walk up to their houses and see them cleaned up ready to go with Book of Mormon in hand. Sometimes I get embarrassed knowing that we´ve been praying and exhorting and then . . . they actually come. But fortunately I can trust that it´ll be worth it. We watched the Restauraçâo [Restoration] video yesterday and there´s a part where he talks about that everyone should receive the same answer. I couldn´t agree more. God is the same, he´s always existed, and as missionaries it´s such a relief that we can make these convites [invitations] and know that if they do what their supposed to do, we don´t have to worry because this is the work of the Lord. And it´s incredible. Guys, sometimes I struggle because I just ache for these people, and it´s so hard for me to see them choosing errado [incorrectness]. But when they choose what´s right - my goodness I can´t contain myself.

We talked a lot with one of our pesquisadoras [investigators] about Moroni 2:41 about how blessed and happy are the people that keep the commandments. That´s why he gave us commandments in the first place. All of the unhappiness we see is a result of a lack of regard for the commandments of God. I know that sounds oh-so-traditional, and conservative and such, but the fact of the matter is - it´s true. It´s not worth it to just bog yourself down with things that don´t matter darlings.

We also learned a lot about the priority we should be giving to the spirit in our companionship. Just letting a little space for some inspiration from the heavens goes a long way.
Today we went to Pelourinho [click], downtown Salvador, which is the place with the old square, and the colonial architecture and such. It was fun, and lovely, and full of tourists. But it is sometimes nice to be able to just not worry a bit about this great work we´re doing. I love it dearly, and I just can´t believe how things are clipping along. One thing I realized is that there´s no threshold of work in order to have success. Just do everything you can, and you´ll be blessed.

Love Love,

Sister Cornwall

Mom - I hope the photos work, if not, just picture me happy and smiling in the sun. you are wonderful, and I am learning so much about how to love and have compassion . . . and avoid the pitfalls of Satan.

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