Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey guys,

Well we´re back to weeks buzzing by. It has been an interesting experience the past five-ish months to have the opportunity to get completely readjusted every 9/6 weeks. But I´m feeling much more adjusted, and much more aware of how to feel like I have a real purpose.

Sister de Assis and I learned a lot this week. We realized, our efforts are not enough. We knock doors, and we talk to people on the street. We smile and we speak so nicely . . . with so little result. I know this is still Brazil, but it seems like a totally different world for me. But the interesting thing about the situation is that when you´re sort of in the pits and don´t know where to go, you seek out help beyond your own effort, and then, the whole world sort of opens up. We fasted this week in an effort to find novos, new people to teach, and we had a little success (though in my head I was expecting a flood of darling little families that were going to welcome us with opens arms . . . uuuh, that didn´t quite happen) but that night/morning we thought bastante[much, plenty] about famílias. We thought about how much we need the ward in this area. There´s not really any other way.

Bispo [the Bishop]went out with us Wednesday night. We talked with him about some of our difficulties, and asked him what his vision for the ward is. First of all, we have one young man. Just one. Fortunately he´s only twelve so he´s still got some good years left, but we´re certainly lacking. (The ward itself has about 60 people in attendance every week.) So we visited a few homes where there are members, baptized, but are not active in the church. We´re here to help people, and that includes everyone. I feel so blessed that people are willing to let these strangers into their lives - people they´ve never seen before - and let them talk about the things most sacred in our lives. We´re able to discern the needs of these people and resolve their concerns. It´s a beautiful and sometimes challenging opportunity/responsibility. (really quickly, hilarious - we´re in this lan house using the computer. this nine year old drinking from a coconut checked them out to us, and now she´s listening to something on the computer singing LOUDLY little Brazilian songs. it is so funny. anyway.)

My testimony of the importance of the family has been so strengthened this week. A lot of families live here. A lot of really beautiful families. A lot of beautiful families that should have the opportunity to be with their families forever. I actually made a contact with this guy who had a cute little wife and daughter, and when I said hello he responded with - I know about you guys. I´ve studied you and your people etc etc. I offered to respond to perguntas [inquires,questions], and he said - No, I would have to talk to someone more educated than you. Oh well, you all can imagine how I felt about that. But the great thing about being a missionary is that I just smiled so politely, testified of what I know, and tried not to cringe when he said, essentially, `listen to me, I´m a profeta [prophet, oracle].`Oh boy. All I want is for everyone to have the chance to be with their families. Sister de Assis was sealed to her family 10 years ago, and it´s something so special. Mother and father, married with filhos - oh my, there´s just nothing better. We´re going to be focusing a lot on the família, and how to strengthen the home so that these human beings can live lovely, productive happy lives. Yup.

I feel so very humble friends. This work is so big, and I´m so little, but it´s true. And that has strength. I love this gospel. I love the example of Jesus Christ and that he is so wise that he´s able to take care of us. What a relief, what peace and happiness.

I hope you all have a darling week.

love love love,

Sister Cornwall

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