Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oi familinha e amiguinhos,

This week we spent . . . running. We were all over the place doing tons of marvelous things.

First of all, we took a little trip over to the center of the city to get a document for Lau, the dad of the 4 kids that were baptized. Here, you have to have second documentation of your birth certificate valid within the past six months to get married. And we had the pleasure of going there. 
We were talking to a bunch of people this week, and we had a few good moments when we were teaching, and those we were teaching felt the spirit, and we stopped, and talked about it - and it's real!

And I am discovering more and more, it really is people that make this world worthwhile, they have a value so large, so marvelous. I am grateful to know so many.

love, love, love,

Sister Cornwall

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