Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It seems like quite a while since we´ve had a P day. It was a bit of an adjustment going the extra 2 days without some preparation time, but we did it. (And don´t worry, I thoroughly prepared myself with a little more time with my eyes shut in bed.)

This past week was quite a full one. Last Tuesday and Wednesday we had a division with the Sisters of the Brasil Ward (yes, yes, there´s a neighborhood `Brasil`in the country Brasil... hilarious.) It was an interesting few days. I have gotten so used to knowing practically everyone on the street, and the names of all the streets, and the schedules of the members, and the pesquisadores [investigators], and how to do things that it was interesting to be in foreign territory. I think the most valuable lesson I learned there was - gratitude. I love Alto Maron, I love Bispo Carlos Adarlon, and I love how Sister C. Silva and I work. When she arrived I was determined to do everything certinho [just right]. I wanted to wake up on time, set our goals before planning, work hard, be effective, and I realized that . . . not everyone necessarily follows that same regime. Just sayin.

We have been so incredible blessed, and Bispo is getting excited about the FAMILIES we are teaching, and also the various individuals coming out of the woodwork in the ala [area of] Candeias . There is a certain and undeniable relationship between - keep my commandments, and - prosper in the land. We just have to do it. There isn´t any sneaky way to get results with the Lord, there are no curve balls or short cuts - just do what needs to get done. I think that is sometimes what´s so hard about living the gospel of Jesus Christ in this modern world - we want to do things faster and better and with less effort but . . . that´s not necessarily how the Lord works. I got a little frustrated this week with people not fulfilling commitments - for no good reason. People! Come on! But I´m hoping that this is a good point for the Lord to bless me with a deeper love for these people.

I´ve been reading in the war chapters recently in the Book of Mormon, and it has been interesting to note how very valid those chapters really are in our world. I felt a little bit like a warrior myself these days; everyday I get excited to go and talk to these people and get them excited and prepared to live with their Father in Heaven forever, and I get a little shot down, and at the end of the day I end up thinking, `there is no way I`m going back to do the same thing again tomorrow.` But then I study and pray and realize, wow, this is an important cause, and a battle, and I can´t back down. So we go out and do the same thing, recognizing all the many small victories the Lord gives us. The great thing is - we know He´s going to win. It doesn´t matter the setbacks, the Lord is going to win in the end, so we just need to trust in the legions of angels behind us, and remember for whom/why we´re fighting.

We had a neat and simple experience that pulled together lots of mini happenings and proved that the Lord has a plan to me: first, passing a less active couple with Bispo 2 months ago; second, a man on the street telling me he´s a member (greeeat, why have I never seen you at church, huh?) and finally knocking quite randomly on the door of the mother of a less active.

So, after very, very little success and a quick prayer we decided to go pass by this family, and it didn´t seem like they were home. But then they answered - fortunately I knew which house it was, and the husband was that random guy on the street, and they needed a visit. We sang some hymns left as message, and when Pâmela gave the closing prayer, she just wept as she talked about how badly she needs to come back to church. Valnei (the husband) said he´d go back, and I left feeling very grateful to the Lord for being so good and so wise and so merciful to his little missionaries.

I love this work. It is a battle, I won´t pretend to deny that, but I know that it´s right, and worthwhile.

love, love, love,
Sister Cornwall

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