Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Tuesday began (like every week day) with Seminary. Sister Cornwall has attended each morning with Mom & Dad. (Actually she is looking forward to the MTC where she can have a chance to sleep in.) Then Mom and Rach attended Sister Frandsen's class in La Canada.
Rachel wanted to go to the temple, but it has been closed for the last couple of weeks. Fortunately it opened today. Dad met the girls at the temple in between some job visits. Lunch was one last 'animal style' stop at In-And-Out in Westwood Village.
Tuesday evening was the time to put things in suitcases. Everything has been laid out on the bed in the north bedroom for days. Mom went over the checklist... for about the one hundredth time. One last, late night shopping run was needed for a new watchband and alarm clock batteries. Finally Rachel closed down all her social network accounts or transferred their responsibility to Sarah. Jeffery had already taken over her MacBook and Sarah had taken her cell phone back up to Provo.

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