Monday, March 21, 2011

First Letter

Although this e-mail from Rachel is dated Mar. 19 it was not received until late on the 20th. Rachel says that her Preparation Day - letter writing-n-reading day - is typically Fridays, which was the 18th (?) Whatever... it is great to get this first correspondence from our dear Sister Cornwall.
19 March 2011

Friends and Family Hiya!!!

Whew, the MTC is wonderful. Our first few days have been a little ridiculous; we ran around from class to the cafeteria, we eat quickly then run back to class or meetings. But it's marvelous. We dived right into the language and our purpose as missionaries and it feels so good. We're here to bring others to Christ and to make a difference in the salvation of our fellow brothers and sisters. We've been working on seeing others as our Savior would see them, and it gives me such a love for my fellow men seeing their potential and the gifts our Father in Heaven has given us.

I have two companions: Sister Forester and Sister Petersen. They are just wonderful. We have two others sisters in our district, and eight elders. I must admit, for nineteen year old boys, they are hilarious. We've been together only three days, but we are incredibly close; several hours in a classroom everyday will do that to you. We work so hard that when we get tired in class we laugh hard, and sometimes it's difficult to get back on task. I am so grateful to be surrounded by others who are trying just as hard as I am to be close to the Lord and make the most of their time. It doesn't seem like we've been here for three days, it feels more like a couple weeks, but I'm so glad. This place is certainly very unique in that we're encouraged to not waste the Lord's time and make the most of each moment. It seems to make the time go by faster.

Portuguese is coming along swimmingly. I'm feeling so so grateful for my language experience. French hasn't really helped me all that much, except that it has broken up my dependence on spanish a little, which is nice. Sister Forester was majoring in Spanish at BYU, so she is a super star. Not many others in our district speak other languages, so Sister Forester and I get to chat and read in Portuguese and translate all over the place. I try not to depend too much on myself in the language. Everything comes through faith, nothing can happen without it, so my companions and I are focusing on Faith as the attribute of Christ we need to work on. We've also selected 3 Nefi 12:48 as our mantra - so we can be perfect even as our Savior is perfect.
I so enjoy how everything has such a spiritual perspective. Everything that happens here is a tender mercy of the Lord, and it helps me feel so much more grateful. I know I'm here to serve others. Even before I get into Brazil, I recognize that my purpose is STILL to bring others to Christ, no matter what. I feel incredibly blessed to have the responsibility to represent my Savior and bring others to Him so that they can receive salvation!
My friends, this work is incredible. I'm surrounded by good things, and though there are times when I casually think about other things that I am not engaging in (like listening to other music) I realize that these are worthwhile changes to my life, and that it will help me become a better servant of Jesus Christ.

Just a quick note: I don't have many/any addresses on hand - so if you'd care for a note from your favorite sister missionary, send a long a letter (or dear elder with your email attached) and I will gladly respond..

I'm incredibly happy my friends, and I want all of you to know that your life will change if you come unto the Savior and do what he would have you do. That's part of the reason why we're on earth, so we can find our purpose and become like Him. I am so grateful for this knowledge. It can and will change your life.
I have all the love in the world for you (you may not believe it, but I do!) and I hope all is well.
Most sincerely,

Sister Cornwall

*For those involved in the hunger banquet - I'm thinking of you today!!!! I hope everything goes well for you. All my love!*


  1. Oh what a cute Sister Cornwall. Yay for letter 1 I can't wait to hear more more more!

  2. Oh boy this is so fun. I know Rachy wont read this but I think that this is so great and love how accessible it is. Thanks daddy-o and all others involved in making this blog what it is.