Friday, May 13, 2011


On Thursday evening, May 12th Rachel was able to call home since she had finally received her field assignment. She has patiently waited as others have left with visas in hand. On the phone Rachel shared that her and her companions were scheduled to fly out next Wednesday to Louisville, Kentucky to await their visas. Dad made the silly comment of, "Oh too bad, you just missed the Kentucky Derby last weekend". Rachel giggled and said that when they went to the mission travel office to get their travel arrangements the travel lady told them, "There is going to be a very sad Mission President in Louisville, Kentucky. . . . because. . . . he is NOT going to get a bunch of cute new sister missionaries. . . because. . . YOUR VISAS HAVE JUST COME IN".

Rachel was told she would not be going to visa-wait in Kentucky but that she would be flying with a group of 24 straight to Sao Paulo, Brazil (with a layover in Detroit). From Sao Paulo she and Sister Pederson will say goodbye to Sister Ogiltree (who is going to a different Brazilian mission). Rachel will go on straight to the Salvador South Mission. We all cheered. Mom cried. Rachel mentioned the package she had received from her family with a few last minute essentials and laughed that it was just like Christmas. By this time there was a beep on the phone indicating there was only 30 seconds left on the call. As much love as can be shared in 30 seconds from a park bench in downtown Monrovia to an MTC payphone was shared and then an automated "click".

On Wednesday, Rachel said she will be able to use more of her phone card while waiting at the airport.

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