Monday, July 18, 2011


Nossa, [our] this week seemed a little quicker than the others. I´m rather convinced that somebody took out a day of the week. But it was an incredible one nonetheless. We´re getting to know the area rather well, and my favorite part is just walking on the street and having friends to say hello to. These people are just the greatest. Yet one thing that became so incredibly clear was that these people (and of course everybody) have problems. I don´t know what it was but we had a lot of deep heart to heart lessons this week. I think there´s something very special about little Sister Missionaries that people are willing to just lay out their problems. They are willing to discuss the things they just don´t like about their lives. Maybe that´s just Bahia, or maybe it´s all missions, but it´s a very sacred thing.
What´s interesting is that just about all of people´s problems come from a lack of obedience to commandments. God knows what´s right for us, what will make us happy, and yet we feel the need sometimes to very casually disregard what he´s asked us to do in favor of our own silly whims. Covenants are rather simple things; we agree to obey, and God blesses us. Yesterday [Sunday] we had so many people that on Saturday were so ready to go to church. They understood, they were willing, but when we passed them they had other things to do. It was hard. Incredibly hard. Missions are emotional things. My heart just hurts as we walk away from their houses knowing that they are losing blessings. They are losing the tranquility that comes as a result of taking part in the ordinance of the sacrament. And yet we keep going.

This week we studied and taught a lot about testimony. We read Mateus [Matthew] 7:43-47 ish about the parábola [parable] of the wise man built his house upon the rock, and good ol´Helamen 5:12 about how our Redeemer is our rock. Our testimony is what´s going to keep us firme forte. [firm strong] Nothing else. And it´s hard because as missionaries - with all our love and all our studying we can not give this to anyone. We can beg, plead, cry, force etc, but that does nothing. (And that sometimes is frustrating) but that´s just the way it has to be. the more we keep going the more simple things become. You know the words of the Lord, you believe he´ll bless you, so why don´t you just do it? I don´t mean to sound frustrated, but I just want these people to feel the blessings, and when they choose not to, it makes me a little sad. But there´s still so much hope in this great work. I am totally in love with it.

Our life is so cool. Also, people love to give us food. We get suco [juice], and goodies and one pesquisadora [investigator] made us couscous with bananas da terra [of the earth]. It was rather delicious. We are so blessed. And yes, our house is doing much better. We bought a tank for the fogão [stove], found an outlet in the spare bedroom that´ll work for the microondas (that room also has two little mattresses, and for that we call it the ´fubeca room` (fubeca is like, a lazy person.) Our machina de lavar [washing machine) still needs an adapter plug thing, so we´ve gotten good at washing things by hand. But it's so wonderful.
Also, I have a question for you, great wide real-world. So, there´s this enigmatic phenomenon here in Bahia that I simply don´t understand. We´re walking on the street, and there´s a broken sandal. We keep walking, and there´s another, but it´s from a different pair of shoes. It´s ALL over the city. Just abandoned little sandals. Why are they there? Did it break and someone just left it and continued with the one good one? Do they just toss it out their windows when they get home? Anyway, there´s a little snippet of the city for you. Also, I snap. I´ve gotten in this habit where I snap for emphasis (they do it here too, I didn´t make it up) and so now I just go around all day, talking and snapping. I just thought you should know.

Also, Sister Denson is so great. We are a good little team. She´s so patient with me; when I´m running around after church chatting with people, making connections, she just patiently seeks me out. And when I talk too much (someday I´ll learn friends, I´m quite determined) she just smiles and supports me when I fall short. And she´s so fun. We were singing Jesus Minha Luz - The Lord Is My Light - for study, and we tried to do harmonies, and it was horríble, and we just laughed through the last two verses. She is a blessing in my life.

Oh my friends, I hope that your lives are beautiful and happy. I´ve realized that you don´t need too much to live a satisfied life. People here are happy, and I´m grateful to be learning from them. Aw gee, I love and miss you all.

Sister Cornwall

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  1. I absolutely loved this letter, Sister Rach! And if it helps at all, I sometimes snap too (I started that to replace my overuse of "Oh Snap!!") Love you!